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There is one table with coulmns :

Need result where bookid and last dateofentry for corresponding book and status of book i.e R only (R- Return, and NR- Not return)

for e.g. input :-

id bookid subject dateofentry Status
1   10      math   10-11-2012 NR
2   10      math   1-12-2012  R
3   110     math   1-12-2012  NR
4   110     math   10-12-2012 NR
5   102     math   10-11-2012 NR
6   102     math   1-12-2012  R
7   105     math   10-12-2012 NR
8   105     math   17-12-2012 NR
9   106     math   11-12-2012 NR
10  106     math   14-12-2012 R


10   math 1-12-2012 R
102  math 1-12-2012 R
106  math 14-12-2012 R

What should be the query for this

Thanks in Advance

I tried this:-

SELECT t.bookid, t.satus, r.MaxDate
FROM (SELECT bookid, MAX(dateofentry) as MaxDate
      FROM TempLogs
      GROUP BY bookid) r
INNER JOIN Logs t ON t.bookid = r.bookid AND t.dateofentry = r.MaxDate where status="R" 

But I am getting some syntax error, and its not working.

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wht syntax error your getting? –  andy Mar 11 '13 at 8:34
i dont remeber the exact lanugage but that is for subquery i have used.... no table exist, if you could tell me the right answer based upon my question, that will be really great –  user2155954 Mar 11 '13 at 8:43

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It looks like the syntax error is because you're using 2 different table names. In your subquery, you are using table TempLogs but in the outer query, you refer to table Logs. Apart from that the actual query and methodology for what you're trying to achieve appears correct.

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/****************** select t.bookid,t.status,r.MaxTime FROM (select Incident_Id,MAX(t.[End Date]) as MaxTime from Logs group by bookID) r inner join Logs t on t.bookid=r.bookId and t.[End Date]=r.MaxTime where t.[status]='R' ********************************/ I Tried this, It executed fine, but gives me no result.... when I run this in Access 2007, I got two popups asking for values one for Incident_ID and second for t.End Date, the two attributes used in Subquery... Please suggest –  user2155954 Mar 11 '13 at 11:27
You can't bring out Incident_Id in the subquery but then group by the BookId, and also you refer to [End Date] in the MAX() column but it's only aliased as t in the outer query. I think you need something like select t.bookid,t.status,r.MaxTime FROM (select bookid,MAX([End Date]) as MaxTime from Logs group by bookID) r inner join Logs t on t.bookid=r.bookId and t.[End Date]=r.MaxTime where t.[status]='R' –  SoupyC Mar 11 '13 at 11:46
Thank you very SoupyC.... Its working perfectly fine.... appriciate your help –  user2155954 Mar 11 '13 at 12:24

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