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I'm building an iPhone application that works as a festival guide. User should be able to rate any exhibit he/she attends. I have built this rating system following this tutorial. Now I want to collect all ratings and then make the overall rating available to any user.

Any idea what the best way to do this? Do I need to send a request to a backe end service whenever users rate exhibit and then make every single user asks for the overall result every time? Any tutorial or article that helps?


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I have the same thing in my iOS application, where i required to calculate ratings of every taxi. just implement it, that under every object (of which you want to give/ take rating) take every time rating 0-5 and the number of user rate that object then take out the average of that rating means (sum of all rating/total number of user rating) gives you the exact rating of that object. Its just a logic you can implement in any language.

I have implement it in php for ios application and saving ratings with web services. You can do as per your requirement.

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You would have to host a service for this yes. There are many technologies you could pull this off with, you could google LAMP stack for instance. Or try Google App Engine (I have no experience with this however)

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