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In my project i use two source directory (by build-helper-maven-plugin). I have a class that present in both of them. So, when i try to run "mvn compile", i get "Class is duplicated" error. I can't delete one of the files - both of them must be present and i need to solve this problem by tuning pom.xml.
I've looked trough this topics:

but the solutions don't work for me. I've realized that i can't specify an absolute path to the file using maven-compiler-plugin section - only relative path from the root of the source directory. So, i can either exclude both of them or include both.



        <!-- First source directory. Contains A.java file i need to exclude-->
                   <!-- doesn't work
                                <!-- Second source directory. Contains A.java file i need to include-->
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Post your pom.xml. –  carlspring Mar 11 '13 at 10:19
The maven way of doing this would be to have an API module for the interface of the class and a separate module for each implementation of that class. Sounds a bit like over engineering for that single class, but that is how maven is supposed to work. Have you considered this option? –  SpaceTrucker Mar 12 '13 at 13:38

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