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Im wondering if someone can clear things up for me.

In my codeigniter form validation rules i have a callback called email_exists, its set as follows

->set_rules( 'login', 'Email Address', 'trim|valid_email|required|xss_clean|callback__email_exists' )

In the same controller i have the function it calls as follows

function _email_exists()
    // Code here

This works perfectly, and i cant access the method from the URL because of the _ before the method name ... So its working perfect.

I have looked at the CI documentation and it says for callbacks to use a private method ... but everytime i put 'private' before the method name, it doesnt work at all.

Is it ok to just leave it as it is.


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The method cannot be private as the validation class is not able to access the callback method.

The documentation also shows that the callback method should be declared as public.

You should leave it as it is.

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Ahhhhhhhhh ... It just occured to me that the validation is a seperate class hahahaha ... Ok, thank you for that –  BigJobbies Mar 11 '13 at 9:09

It is ok to leave it as it is, because CodeIgniters _ prefix will prevent public access to the method (which means its not possible to access the function by URL as you mentioned).

The manual might be a bit confusing on this part, as they define functions prefixed by _ as private (what they really mean is hidden from public access). However a function might still be declared public (like you have in your code) but still be hidden from public access.

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