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I am developing an app that processes <used_id>/posts connection to read the posts a user have made and count the likes and comments that have been received.

Yesterday I noticed that Instagram photo posts do not appear in posts connection. After a little search I found this Posts from Instagram not showing up on Facebook Open Graph API after which I was able to see Instagram photos in Feed connection if permission user_actions:instapp was added (or friends_actions:instapp for friend posts).

But two problems remain:

1) The posts still do not appear in Posts connection, which is more convenient for usage in my case because I am not interested in Posts of other users which may appear in Feed.

2) Even if I use Feed connection the posts do not have Likes field filled, does not matter whether I specify it directly or not. I assume that the same goes with Comments. Therefore in my case Feed is also useless because I need Likes data.

The only solution that works is by using <user_id>/instapp:take - there I get all photos also with Likes. So I might use it, but the trouble is - then I need to do double API call, because Instagram posts are not the only in which I am interested in (I still need to call <user_id>/posts).

I have submitted this bug report:

Perhaps someone has an idea for a better solution than calling instapp:take?


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Have you considered doing batch API calls? Requesting both endpoints in a single batch call. FB blog post at:… – Craig Blagg Mar 11 '13 at 10:26
Yes, batch call is the way I would do it if going the "instapp:take" route for a single user. But the thing is I am already doing batch API calls for multiple users' Posts connection i.e. requesting posts of multiple app user friends. So still the API call count (and waiting time) doubles. – Andris Zalitis Mar 11 '13 at 11:54

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