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We have an firebird database connected to our access control system and then a separate web app that I developed for our time and attendance using sql server 2005 as the data source.

I wanted to use entity framework to connect to the firebird database to access data like users, transactions, sites, etc. As this method is very complicated getting the connection using firebird .NET provider the other option I have is creating a sort of replication (Mirror) from the firebird database to sql server.

I have done this with a DTS previously (Selecting the data and then inserting it) and it worked fine but had many manual processes involved in getting the data and updates made it difficult.

Is there a simpler way to do this or any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Unfortunately you need to track what to replicate at the data level. If you are only pushing it to the MS SQL database you could use a modified timestamp, or a record version field (create a generator, set a trigger to update the version field upon update) to reduce what you select. Another popular option is to update a field to current_transaction, but if you do a restore you will start counting from 0.

If you are sending data both ways it gets more complicated -- you need to have conflict resolution. You could look at something like the Microsoft Sync Framework which can use the methods above.

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