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I am very upset with a weird problem when developing phonegap app My app is a single page app.

I implement a changePage method, its work is render necessary HTML framework before doing change page animation, then change to a new page, at last loading data from server and insert to the new page.

The problem is that when change to the new page, the ui thread seem to suspend, and it always display loading spinner and cannot update ui, but when i touchmove the ui, the data from server can update to ui, so weird. I had use console.log() to display something important, but after render the spinner, all of console.log() cannot output info.

I find that it is not always happen, only when I had entered a page when have INPUT or TEXTAREA and i type some words into it, after that the problem will happen to next page which need data from server.

is it phonegap or uiwebview bug?

I use iPod touch4 and iPad mini and iPone4 that including iOS5 and iOS4.3 and iOS6 to debug.All of this device can occur the problem. do anybody encounter this strange problem? I need your help. Thanks very much!

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Show us your code? –  Daedalus Mar 11 '13 at 9:13
oh,it is too much.And I don not know what part is wrong. I have a question that do phonegap have a input area or keyboard bug? –  Rex Huang Mar 11 '13 at 9:53

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