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working on a Hotel Booking Website.

There is one Master Table.I want to show a Notification when New record is inserted in Master Table.

Suppose I am on Dashboard of Admin Panel. So to check for the new entry in Master table, I am repeatedly calling a Ajax function. If I found a new entry , I am showing a Notification.

But Now I don't want to hit database all the time by using Ajax call, if there is no booking.

I don't want to use AJAX.

Is there any other way ?

So how can I, from a view page, keep watching Master table for new records and then show Notification for those values in the view?

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Sounds like php socket... –  Sudip Pal Mar 11 '13 at 9:35
It's either AJAX or websockets, take it or leave it. –  Jon Mar 11 '13 at 9:36

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You need to look at a WebSocket solution. You can host your own with something like Slanger (https://github.com/stevegraham/slanger) or use a hosted service like Pusher (http://pusherapp.com). Both of these will let you set up realtime communication between your server and the client (web browser). You can add a hook in your code to send out a notification to your user/s every time a record is added.

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