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How can I load and work with JSON config file during install time? I can read string from file and write it, but if I want to change some value in config file, I have to use VBScript.RegExp COM object (which is good, put painful and slow to develop).

Current method:

filename := ExpandConstant('{tmp}\config.json');
LoadStringFromFile(filename, conf);

objRegExp := CreateOleObject('VBScript.RegExp');
objRegExp.Pattern := 'test';
conf := objRegExp.Replace(conf, 'test_replace');
SaveStringToFile(filenameOut, conf, False);

Is there a better way to do this? All I need is to replace some values in JSON object, no extra magic.

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Inno doesn't have any native JSON support, but you can parse and modify it as a normal string before writing it out again. If a regexp module is the easiest way for you then so be it. –  Deanna Mar 11 '13 at 17:08
If you just want to search and replace a known-unique marker, then use the StringChange or StringChangeEx function. No need for regular expressions unless you can't make the search text unique. –  Miral Mar 12 '13 at 8:12

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I've setup the new project called Inno JSON Config, which allows you to work with simple JSON config files like shown below and which allows you to read and write string, integer and boolean values:

            "Key_1": "String 1",
            "Key_2": "1",
            "Key_3": "True"
            "Key_1": "String 2",
            "Key_2": "2",
            "Key_3": "False"

The usage is quite straightforward (even when I'm going to add handle support as well). Note, that only Unicode InnoSetup (in one of the most recent versions due to a required Int64 support) can be used:

Source: "JSONConfig.dll"; Flags: dontcopy

function JSONQueryString(FileName, Section, Key, Default: WideString;
  var Value: WideString; var ValueLength: Integer): Boolean;
  external 'JSONQueryString@files:jsonconfig.dll stdcall';
function JSONQueryBoolean(FileName, Section, Key: WideString; 
  Default: Boolean; var Value: Boolean): Boolean;
  external 'JSONQueryBoolean@files:jsonconfig.dll stdcall';
function JSONQueryInteger(FileName, Section, Key: WideString; 
  Default: Int64; var Value: Int64): Boolean;
  external 'JSONQueryInteger@files:jsonconfig.dll stdcall';
function JSONWriteString(FileName, Section, Key, 
  Value: WideString): Boolean;
  external 'JSONWriteString@files:jsonconfig.dll stdcall';
function JSONWriteBoolean(FileName, Section, Key: WideString;
  Value: Boolean): Boolean;
  external 'JSONWriteBoolean@files:jsonconfig.dll stdcall';
function JSONWriteInteger(FileName, Section, Key: WideString;
  Value: Int64): Boolean;
  external 'JSONWriteInteger@files:jsonconfig.dll stdcall';

function BoolToStr(Value: Boolean): string;
  Result := 'True';
  if not Value then
    Result := 'False';

procedure InitializeWizard;
  FileName: WideString;
  IntValue: Int64;
  StrValue: WideString;
  StrLength: Integer;
  BoolValue: Boolean;
  // set the source JSON config file path
  FileName := 'c:\Example.json';
  // allocate string buffer to enough length
  SetLength(StrValue, 16);
  // set the buffer length value
  StrLength := Length(StrValue);
  // query string value
  if JSONQueryString(FileName, 'Section_1', 'Key_1', 'Default', StrValue, 
    MsgBox('Section_1:Key_1=' + StrValue, mbInformation, MB_OK);
  // query integer value
  if JSONQueryInteger(FileName, 'Section_1', 'Key_2', 0, IntValue) then
    MsgBox('Section_1:Key_2=' + IntToStr(IntValue), mbInformation, MB_OK);
  // query boolean value
  if JSONQueryBoolean(FileName, 'Section_1', 'Key_3', True, BoolValue) then
    MsgBox('Section_1:Key_3=' + BoolToStr(BoolValue), mbInformation, MB_OK);
  // write string
  if not JSONWriteString(FileName, 'Section_1', 'Key_1', 'New value!') then
    MsgBox('JSONWriteString Section_1:Key_1 failed!', mbError, MB_OK);
  // write integer
  if not JSONWriteInteger(FileName, 'Section_1', 'Key_2', 123) then
    MsgBox('JSONWriteInteger Section_1:Key_2 failed!', mbError, MB_OK);
  // write boolean
  if not JSONWriteBoolean(FileName, 'Section_1', 'Key_3', False) then
    MsgBox('JSONWriteBoolean Section_1:Key_3 failed!', mbError, MB_OK);
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Take it yet as an initial version, which might grow up if there will be interest about it. –  TLama Mar 12 '13 at 1:50
you're so awesome! Thank you very much! –  phantasm Mar 12 '13 at 10:03
for future reference: code.google.com/p/superobject –  phantasm Mar 12 '13 at 10:12
Soon (I hope) will be ready Inno JSON Parser. It will use a handle for keeping parsed file opened (it will use a TInterfaceList of ISuperObject interface references). It will allow more flexible way of working with JSON files. I'll update this post when will be ready. Already tested code is ready to deploy, I just need to finish wiki and add some examples of use. The similar library I'm going to write also for XML format. –  TLama Mar 20 '13 at 11:41
Does "Inno JSON Config" supports JSON Arrays? –  ElramV Jan 15 at 13:31

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