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I want to remove _sql_constraints.

For example in account_invoice.py there is a constraints on number field. Now I want to remove it.

Can anyone have idea how to deal with it?

Thank you.

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You can remove your constraint using following query.

FROM information_schema.constraint_table_usage
WHERE table_name = 'account_invoice';

ALTER TABLE account_invoice DROP CONSTRAINT account_invoice_number_uniq;
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I think you are talking about

_sql_constraints = [
    ('number_uniq', 'unique(number, company_id, journal_id, type)', 'Invoice Number must be unique per Company!'),

If you remove from .py file then it will not remove from database. If you want to remove then you have to remove from database using DROP CONSTRAINT.

This will remove constraint from table and you can add duplicate entry.

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