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I am playing arround with ExtJS4.2. I added a controllers array to a simple controller (no I am not inheriting fom application) and they all get loaded (but not initialized).

But within the API there is not controllers property for Ext.app.Controller. That they don't get initialized is only a sidenote and not that important for me.

I just wonder why they get loaded at all and if this behavior is something I can rely on?

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This is a side effect from MVC refactoring in 4.2, and being so it was neither completely implemented nor properly documented. We'll fix that in 4.2.1 most probably but I can't guarantee that it won't change.

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Again about 4.2 Maybe you can take a look here to stackoverflow.com/questions/15358010/… –  seba Mar 12 '13 at 9:55
I really like this behaviour. It allows to define dependend constructors in a controller instead of loading them each. The downside is that the controllers don't get initialized so I need to do this myself. I tried to read the source and didn't fully understand why this happends. The application controller inherit the controller and not vice versa. If it is not to complex I would love it if you can explain how this happends. I guess it is due to the inheritance? –  seba Mar 12 '13 at 11:10
No, in fact the reason is quite simple: I didn't think of it when I refactored Controller/Application relationship, and didn't implement it the way it would work. That's it, no secret sauce. It has to be done on the Application level, because Controller.init() is called with Application object as parameter, which is not available any earlier than Application itself gets initialized. I need to think this through because if we're not careful here we can get a nice race condition and that would only make things worse. –  Alex Tokarev Mar 12 '13 at 20:00

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