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I am running following code on CentOS

$roster = $utils->getContentCURL("http://exporter.nih.gov/ExPORTER_Catalog.aspx");
$docmp = new DOMDocument();

it is giving me some warnings like

PHP Warning: DOMDocument::loadHTML(): Attribute alt redefined

Any idea, how to get rid of it?

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You can use libxml_use_internal_errors to hide the errors, and inspect them after the load with libml_get_errors. –  cmbuckley Mar 11 '13 at 10:15

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As the validation of the website tells you, there's several errors of alt defined twice. One example is on line 252:

<div align="center">
        title="Click here to download XML File format"
            alt="Click here to download XML format file" <!-- RIGHT THERE! -->
            alt="" <!-- RIGHT THERE! -->
    <b>(~1 MB)</b>

If you own this website (do you?) then you should simply remove these (or maybe ask them to fix their website).

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