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I am using primefaces dialogbox for popup purpose. But everytime it gets opened the whole screen get refreshed automatically and the popup disappears.

 < p:dialog id="dialog" header="Select different user" styleClass="atf-header"          widgetVar="dlg" appendToBody="true">
    <ui:include src="searchpopup.xhtml" />
     <h:outputLabel value="#{I18N['Create_Ticket_for_other_users']}" styleClass="atf-header" style="width:600px"></h:outputLabel>
    <h:panelGroup id="search_section" layout="block"
       styleClass="atf-content-area atf-separarot-botton"  style="width:600px">   
         <h:panelGroup id="input_search_section" >
            <h:outputText id="name" value="Siddharth Mishra"    
    <h:panelGroup styleClass="atf-right atf-inline-block">
        <p:commandButton id="btn_search" value="select different user"
            styleClass="atf-button-search" onclick="">
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Hi Cyd. If you create the p:dialog without the ui:include what happens? Try to create the dialog by putting all the content of the include inside dialog. Also post the code inside of the ui:include. – Tapas Bose Mar 11 '13 at 10:13

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You p:commandButton is AJAX button (which is default in primefaces) which submits whole form. Add type="button" attribute to it so it will be just ordinary button which do some JavaScript (so called push button). Also I don't see where is h:form tag here. As you have appendToBody="true" in you p:dialog be shore that you don't encapsulate p:dialog inside h:form. You should have h:form inside p:dialog if it is necessary, and if it is not move p:dialog outside of h:form.

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Bingo!..thanks for the answer yes that was the reason..:-) – Cyd Mar 11 '13 at 10:50

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