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I've a control that dynamically loads other user controls. Upon Async postback from one of the child user controls i'm reloading the session cached version of the child control. However the page_load of this user control is not called when this occurs.

As a result there can be no event handling of this control. Presumably there is a better way to store the controls and subsequently load them. How would i do this?

Edit follow up question and solution here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1537910/dynamic-usercontrol-postback-initialization

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Create the dynamic controls normally on the postback, the ViewState will hook up the events for you once the dynamic usercontrol is back in the control tree.

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The controls after being 're-added' to the update panel do not appear to have their page_load/init functions called. Presumably because they were cached. The Id's however are identical. Thoughts? –  Highstead Oct 7 '09 at 20:46
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