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When Start Visual studio and run a silverlight application, VS will start a cassini server on specific port, like:


This is convenience for developer for testing.

Then I want to access this web app from another computer in local LAN for live demo purpose like:


but I failed. How to make it working?

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possible dupe: stackoverflow.com/questions/1304116/… –  Shay Erlichmen Oct 7 '09 at 19:13
There might be a dup out there, but that isn't it. –  Bob Oct 7 '09 at 19:15

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Move your site to IIS. Cassini is meant for development only and doesn't allow remote connections.

A simpler solution would just be to RDP into your development machine while doing the demo.

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Use Fiddler!

Fiddler can operate as a "reverse proxy" which means that it can forward inbound requests to a different port or web server.

Step #0 Before either of the following options will work, you must enable other computers to connect to Fiddler. To do so, click Tools > Fiddler Options > Connections and tick the "Allow remote computers to connect" checkbox. Then close Fiddler.

Option #1: Configure Fiddler as a Reverse-Proxy Fiddler can be configured so that any traffic sent to is automatically sent to a different port on the same machine. To set this configuration:

Start REGEDIT Create a new DWORD named ReverseProxyForPort inside HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Fiddler2. Set the DWORD to the local port you'd like to re-route inbound traffic to (generally port 80 for a standard HTTP server) Restart Fiddler Navigate your browser to

Source: http://www.fiddler2.com/fiddler/help/reverseproxy.asp

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Try using UltiDev Cassini Web Server. I'v used it my self to create web services and its very good and stable.

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Another (hacky) option would be to use sshd or other proxy to create a tunnel on the machine to the local port. But @Bob has it right - Cassini is designed for local access only.

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