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i have a problem with the first link in this code, and it represents the thumbnail for a photo, and when you click it , it will expand to a larger photo. I tried to make a jsfiddle , but i could not find the code for a premade jquery mbGallery.js, so i will try to explain what should happend : the first represents the thumb for a phoo and when you click it , it will expand, but i can not modify it`s aspect to be 50x50, it is showing the dimension of the original photo. So if i have 1000x1000 photo , the thumb will be 1000x1000, but i still want it to automatcally resize to a little icon with (x)x(y) , x and y < 100px ( i said this in a general form, because the foto could be wide or portrait )


<div  id="g1" class="galleryCont">
    <a class="imgThumb" src="img/activitate1/2008.jpg"></a>
    <a class="imgFull" href="img/activitate1/2008.jpg"></a>
    <div class="imgDesc">Description 01</div>

    <a class="imgThumb" src="img/activitate1/2009.jpg"></a>
    <a class="imgFull" href="img/activitate1/2009.jpg"></a>
    <div class="imgDesc">Description 02</div>

    <a class="imgThumb" src="img/activitate1/2010.jpg"></a>
    <a class="imgFull" href="img/activitate1/2010.jpg"></a>
    <div class="imgDesc">Description 02</div>




<script type="text/javascript" src="js/mbGallery.js"></script>
  <script type="text/javascript">
            $('#g1').mbGallery({maskBgnd:'#ccc',minWidth: 50, minHeight: 50, overlayOpacity:.9,startFrom: 0,addRaster:true, printOutThumbs:true});

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Edit the .imgThumb in your CSS. Add max-width:100px and max-height:100px and then it will automaticaly resize the image. Change the pixels depending on what size


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