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1) Set the model data to a value model.set({state : 'wa'})

2) Set the model data to null model.set({state : null})

3) Set the model data to first value model.set({state : 'wa'})

The change event isn't fired when you set the model data to the previous value prior to setting it to null. If I changed the example to show model.set({state : 'ca'}) in step 1, it would fire a change event for all three sets. In this example, only two change events are fired, for step 1 and step 2 only.

Why won't backbone fire an event when setting the value to the previous one prior to null?


I just checked the model.previousAttrbutes() to see if maybe it doesn't update when setting a value to null. It does. So it still doesn't make sense why the change event isn't fired.

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Seems to be working in the fiddle. Anything different you're doing ? May be assigning null value is being prevented by validators preventing the set of the attribute leaving the attribute with the old value, hence not firing the change. Not sure, just A may be. – Cyclone Mar 11 '13 at 11:35
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To fix this issue, I simply used unset()

model.unset('state',{silent: true});
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