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When starting up Word from a form in Access, I do this:

   Dim wordApp As Word.Application
   Dim wordDoc As Word.Document
   Dim wordRange As Word.Range

   Set wordApp = CreateObject("Word.Application")

   wordApp.Visible = True
   Set wordDoc = wordApp.Documents.Open(etikettenTemplate)

   ' fill in some bookmarks in the word doc

   Set wordApp = Nothing
   Set wordDoc = Nothing
   Set wordRange = Nothing

The problem is: this runs fine the first time the code runs. The second time I get a runtime error 462: The remote server computer doesn't exist or is not available.

The trouble is, I can't control the whole cycle, as the user may need to edit the word doc before closing. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for any suggestion

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Problem can be met also with other Office apps. –  Philippe Grondier Oct 7 '09 at 21:08

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Sorry, have been able to solve the problem myself.

The error was that I was accessing the bookmarks of the doc through


instead of the previously chosen wordDoc variable

By changing all occurences of ActiveDocument with wordDoc the problem vanished.

Thanks to all anyway

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+1 for getting back with a solution. –  Fionnuala Oct 7 '09 at 21:43

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