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/* Copy constructor */
List(const List<value_type>& list)
    // for (iterator it = list.begin(); it != list.end(); ++it); 
    //   this->push_back(*it);
    // The commented part above is what I want it to do.
    std::cout << "empty = " << this->empty(); // no seg fault;
    std::cout << "size = " << this->size(); // also causes a seg fault
    this->push_back("string") // causes a seg fault

Trying to run this code gives my program a seg fault. It seems every time I try to change or alter (this) it just just throws a seg fault.

Also it says (this) is not empty (that seems to be the only one that doesn't throw a seg fault)

Here is the code for the methods called for further info. Hopefully someone here can give me some insight into what is happening here.

void insert(iterator position, const value_type& in)
    // If inserting at the front, just change the head to a new Node
    if (position == this->head) 
        this->head = new Node<value_type>(in);
        Node<value_type>* node = this->head;
        // iterate to the position of "position".
        for (; node->next != position.node; node = node->next);
        node->next = new Node<value_type>(in);
    // This is here to put back all the old data into it's correct position.
    // I was having way too much with keeping the integrity of the data
    // while inserting into the middle of the list, so I created this little hack.
    for (iterator it = position; it != this->end(); ++it)
            Node<value_type> *node = this->head;
            for (; node->next != NULL; node = node->next);
            node->next = new Node<value_type>(it.node->data);

// Insert at end
void push_back(value_type in)
    this->insert(this->end(), in);

unsigned size()
    if (this->empty()) return 0;
    unsigned i = 0;
    for (iterator it = this->begin(); it != this->end(); ++it, ++i);
    return i;

bool empty() const { return this->head == NULL; }
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Figured it out the problem almost immediately after I wrote this up.

All I had to do was first assign head to NULL

List(List<value_type>& list)
    this->head = NULL;

    for (iterator it = list.begin(); it != list.end(); ++it)
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