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I'd like an autocomplete/autoformat "To" field on my web site that works like the one in GMail:

GMail To Field

Does anyone know of such a thing for jQuery?

Plain JavaScript? Or any other alternatives?

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There are lots and lots of jquery bits that do this, you can google for "jquery autocomplete" and see which you like best.

Here's one that is more famous: http://docs.jquery.com/Plugins/AutoComplete

    var emails = [
        { name: "Kitty Sanchez", to: "kanchez@bluth.com" },
        { name: "Lucille Austero", to: "lucille2@balboatowers.net" },
        { name: "Bob Loblaw", to: "bloblaw@bobloblawlawblog.com" },
        { name: "Sally Sitwell", to: "sally@sitwell.org" }

        $("#Recipients").autocomplete(emails, {
            multiple: true,
            minChars: 1,
            matchContains: "word",
            autoFill: false,
            formatItem: function(row, i, max) {
                return "\"" + row.name + "\" &lt;" + row.to + "&gt;";
            formatMatch: function(row) {
                return row.name + " " + row.to;
            formatResult: function(row, i, max) {
                return "\"" + row.name + "\" <" + row.to + ">";
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Check out this plugin. It appears to be quite robust and stable and may meet your needs. jQuery is a perfect choice for the kind of effect your seeking. Just keep in mind that, depending on where you want to get your data from, you'll need to create some sort of ajax/php backend.

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I'd remove the php part as any server-side web technology/framework could be used –  Russ Cam Oct 26 '09 at 15:18
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These answers are fine but I think he's looking for something email specific. Gmail's email auto complete is very robust and smart taking into account like who you email most often and other factors.

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You could probably figure something primitive in for this on the backend, assuming that there is auditng for sending emails and you know who sent an email and who they sent it to. –  Russ Cam Oct 26 '09 at 15:21
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