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I am looking for the .NET 4.0 version of the TPL dataflow library.

The Nuget package has a 4.0 version of the library, but it seems to target .NET 4.5.

I found various references to a 4.0 version, like in this forum:

But the link mentioned just redirects me to the Nuget page of the library.

Does anyone know where I can find a working version that targets .NET 4.0?

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+1 I thought that Nuget screws only me with claiming the .NET 4.5 packages to be for .NET 4.0! – Gennady Vanin Геннадий Ванин Apr 12 '13 at 12:35

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I wrote Steve from the TPL dataflow team about this problem and he responded me with the following download link:

This is a CTP version, but the date matches the Nuget package with version number 4.0, so I think it's the latest version that was compiled against .NET 4.0.

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I have the same experience. That is, on my Windows XP SP3 (Visual Studio 2010 + .NET 4.)), Nuget is bringing incompatible packages for .NET 4.5 being identified for .NET 4.0. Happened with Reactive (Rx), Async extensions and some more (I did not keep tracks) so I stopped using Nuget.

I've installed Async CTP (Version 3) + SP1 to it which brought:

  • AsyncCtpLibrary.dll
  • AsyncCtpLibrary_Phone.dll
  • AsyncCtpLibrary_Silverlight.dll
  • AsyncCtpLibrary_Silverlight.dll
  • System.Threading.Tasks.Dataflow.dll
  • System.Windows.Controls.Toolkit.dll
  • System.Windows.Controls.Toolkit.Internals.dll

into <My Documents SubFolder>\Microsoft Visual Studio Async CTP\Samples\ which I now either reference or include into projects.

The .NET 4.5 MSDN docs code examples seem all use HttpClient from System.Net.Http namespace which I've got from download in Introduction to HttpClient

That is, I've got from the latter:

  • System.Json.dll (4.0.20118.13260)
  • System.Net.Http.dll (2.0.20118.13260)
  • System.Net.Http.WebRequest.dll (2.0.20118.13260)
  • System.Net.Http.Formatting.dll (4.0.20118.13260)
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