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i am trying to run a sample code from axis2-1.6.2-bin samples , the name of the sample is soapwithattachments . . i have run the generate.service command to deploy the aar file . . but when i run the ant run.client ank.txt c:// . . it says that ank.txt does not exist in the project "SOAPWithAttachmentsSample" the build.xml file does not give me any idea of where to place the file ank.txt . . . please help , i need this for my project and the deadline is approaching fast

<project name="SOAPWithAttachmentsSample" default="generate.service">  
    <property environment="env" />  
    <property name="axis2.home" value="../../" />  
    <property name="axis2.repo" value="${axis2.home}/repository" />  
    <property name="build.dir" value="build" />  
    <property name="client.classes.dir" value="${build.dir}/classes" />  
    <path id="axis.classpath">  
        <fileset dir="${axis2.home}/lib">  
            <include name="*.jar" />  
        <pathelement location="build/swaSampleClient.jar" />  

    <target name="generate.service" depends="compile">  
        <jar destfile="${build.dir}/sample-swa.aar">    
            <fileset dir="resources/">  
                <include name="META-INF/services.xml" />  
            <fileset dir="${build.dir}/classes">  
                <include name="sample/soapwithattachments/service/**/*.class" />  
        <copy file="${build.dir}/sample-swa.aar" tofile="${axis2.home}/repository/services/sample-swa.aar" overwrite="true" />  

    <target name="compile">  
        <mkdir dir="${client.classes.dir}" />  
        <!-- Compile client -->  
        <javac debug="on"  srcdir="src" destdir="${client.classes.dir}">  
            <classpath refid="axis.classpath" />  
    <target name="check-parameters">  
        <condition property="parameters.set">  
                <isset property="dest" />  
                <isset property="file" />  
        <!-- This is a hack to get a if-else working in ant. Some much more "ANTy" person is welcome to improve this -->  
        <antcall target="print-usage" />  

    <target name="print-usage" unless="parameters.set">  
        <echo message="ant -Dfile <file to be transfered>  -Ddest <name of the destination file>" />  

    <target name="run.client" depends="compile,check-parameters" if="parameters.set">  
        <jar destfile="${build.dir}/swaSampleClient.jar">  
            <fileset dir="${build.dir}/classes">  
                <include name="sample/soapwithattachments/client/**/*.class" />  
        <java classname="sample.soapwithattachments.client.SWAClient" classpathref="axis.classpath" fork="true">  
            <arg value="-file" />  
            <arg value="${file}" />  
            <arg value="-dest" />  
            <arg value="${dest}" />  
            <jvmarg value="-Daxis2.repo=${axis2.repo}" />  
    <target name="clean">  
        <delete dir="build" />  
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When you specify the command line ant run.client ank.txt c://, and is interpreting all the arguments as targets to execute. The target run.client exists, but the other two obviously don't, hence your error message. From looking at the run.client target, it looks like you need to set the build properties for file and dest. Take a look at the usage target in your build.xml. It shows the syntax for passing things in as build properties to ant, which is to use -D<property>=<value>. In your case, you probably want the following:

ant run.client -Dfile=ank.txt -Ddest=c://

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Thanks a lot David !! i got the command running . . . –  user2156888 Mar 11 '13 at 14:01

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