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I have an javascript Object with some proptotyped functions, like that:

function Test() {

    this.name = "A name";

    Test.prototype.prototypedFunction = function() {
        var a = "anything";

    this.normalMethod = function(){
        var b = "another thing";

When call Utilities.jsonStringify() on any object of "Test" type, all functions are stringfyed, like that:

{"prototypedFunction":"\nfunction () {\n var a \u003d \"anithing\";\n}\n","name":"A name","normalMethod":"\nfunction () {\n var b \u003d \"another thing\";\n}\n"}

But since I will pass this object to a rest service, it doesn't make sense to send functions, just the data. What I would expect is just that:

{"name":"A name"}

So, is it possible to Utilities.jsonStringify to avoid stringify functions, or, at least avoid Prototyped functions?



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Use JSON.stringify instead and it should do what you want.

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That works! Thanks! –  Mael Mar 11 '13 at 14:48

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