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I'm trying to use Camel FTP2 to poll for presence of files on an FTP server and copy them locally.

However, I don't want a single big file to block downloading of other smaller files.

I hoped I'd be able to set up multiple consumers with the same endpoint; that Camel would run multiple FTP pollers in parallel, all using different instances of FTP clients.

Instead, I get an exception with the message "Multiple consumers for the same endpoint is not allowed".

The documentation states:

The FTP consumer (with the same endpoint) does not support concurrency (the backing FTP client is not thread safe). You can use multiple FTP consumers to poll from different endpoints. It is only a single endpoint that does not support concurrent consumers.

I don't understand why multiple FTP client instances can't be used; the single-threadedness of any single FTP client doesn't seem relevant (I presume it doesn't share state across different instances). Is there any way to get Camel to do what I want it to do?

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