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I'm using Laravel and the Eloquent class. I have three models.


public function itineraries() {
    return $this->has_many('Itinerary', 'city_id');


public function city()
    return $this->belongs_to('City');

public function type()
    return $this->belongs_to('Itinerarytype');


public function itineraries()
    return $this->has_many('Itinerary');

As you can see a city has many itineraries and an itinerary belongs to a city and an itinerary type. The itinerarytype model has many itineraries.

Using the with() method is it possible to get a count of itineraries grouped into itinerary type?

For instance here is what I have so far:

$city = City::with(array('itineraries'))->where_slug($city_slug)->first();

This gets the city which has that slug and all of it's itineraries.

I'd like to get a list like: (where the text is the itinerary type and the number is the count)

History: 10
Entertainment: 5
Outdoor: 6
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You'd have to use join and a bit of raw sql to achieve that on a performant way:

$city = City::where_slug($slug)->first();
$types = ItineraryType::join('itineraries', 'itineraries.type_id', '=', 'itenerary_types.id')
    ->where('itineraries.city_id', '=', $city->id)
    ->get(array('itinerary_types.*', DB::raw('COUNT(itineraries.id) as itinerary_count')));

foreach ($types as $type) {
    print($type->label . ': ' . $type->itinerary_count);
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