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I have a trigger on a table wwich insert some values of the table in another table.

ALTER TRIGGER Trigger_createEvent
ON dbo.IPHONE_R_createEvent
    declare @uniquekey uniqueidentifier;
    declare @number char(10);
    declare @activitytypecode int;
    declare @description nvarchar(max);
    declare @scheduledstart datetime;
    declare @scheduledend datetime;
    declare @statecode int;
    declare @subject nvarchar(200);
    declare @slpcode char(5);
    declare @crmid uniqueidentifier;
    declare @createdOn datetime;
    declare @createdBy varchar(5);
    declare @ObjectName nvarchar(500);
    declare @ObjectId uniqueidentifier;
    declare @ScheduledDurationMinutes int;
    declare @ModifiedBy varchar(5);
    declare @ModifiedOn datetime;

    select @uniquekey = i.uniquekey from inserted i;
    select @number = i.number from inserted i;
    select @activitytypecode = i.activitytypecode from inserted i;
    select @description = i.description from inserted i;
    select @scheduledstart = i.scheduledstart from inserted i;
    select @scheduledend = i.scheduledend from inserted i;
    select @statecode = i.statecode from inserted i;
    select @subject = i.subject from inserted i;
    select @slpcode = i.slpcode from inserted i;
    select @createdOn = i.createdOn from inserted i;
    select @ModifiedBy = i.modifiedBy from inserted i;
    select @ModifiedOn = i.modifiedOn from inserted i;

    SET @crmid = (SELECT crmid FROM arslsmmm where slpcode = @slpcode);

    SET @ObjectName = (SELECT name FROM arcustmm where number = @number);
    SET @ObjectId = (SELECT crmid FROM arcustmm where number = @number);

    if @ObjectName IS NULL
        SET @ObjectName = (SELECT name FROM cocustmm where number = @number);
        SET @ObjectId = (SELECT crmid FROM cocustmm where number = @number);

    if @activitytypecode = 137
        set @ScheduledDurationMinutes = 5;
    if @activitytypecode = 134
        set @ScheduledDurationMinutes = 30;

    INSERT INTO activitybase_web_rep (ActivityId, ObjectName, ActivityTypeCode, Deletionstatecode, ObjectId, ObjectTypeCode, ScheduledDurationMinutes, PriorityCode, Description, Subject, ScheduledStart, ScheduledEnd,
                                  createdBy, createdOn, ModifiedBy, ModifiedOn, OwningUser, StateCode, StatusCode )
                          VALUES (@uniquekey, @ObjectName, @activitytypecode, 0, @ObjectId, 1, @ScheduledDurationMinutes, 1, @description,  @subject, @scheduledstart,
                                  @scheduledend, @crmid, @createdOn, @crmid, @ModifiedOn, @crmid, @statecode, 2 );

When it's call for the first time, everything is ok, but the second time, I'm receiving an error 400 saying error updating Entity. My trigger is trying to insert the row for a second time. When, i'm changing to AFTER UPDATE, my trigger works one time, then I receive the same error, so I have to switch each time to AFTER INSERT to AFTER UPDATE. What could be the source of my problem?

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What you have tried?You need trigger of INSERT/UPDATE? –  Alexander Fedorenko Mar 11 '13 at 14:42
Well, you're trigger's broken in more ways than one. inserted is a pseudo-table that can contain multiple rows. –  Damien_The_Unbeliever Mar 11 '13 at 15:05
Where are you performing the update? error 400 saying error updating Entity does not sound like an sql error, but probably an error thrown later as a result of an sql error. –  GarethD Mar 11 '13 at 15:14

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