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I try to call XSP._isDirty() for XPINC but it does not work. In the browser everything works fine. Is there a trick how i can use it.

Is there a way how i can see clientside errors when i'm executing XPages in the Notesclient?

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Two questions here.

Q1. XSP._isDirty()

XSP._isDirty() is an internal call. From the XPages portable command guide (page 156).

XSP._isDirty() : Used internally by the Dirty Save feature— see the <xp:view> properties for enableModifiedFlag. This is a private function.

Code for this call is in the file xspClientDojo.js (look for the uncompressed file on Domino/Notes).

As it is an internal call it is used at risk. There is no guarantee it will work as expected in later versions.

The enableModifiedFlag is an XPage attribute that allows you to mark the page as dirty and prevent the user accidentally leaving the page. There are more details about this on the Infocenter.

Q2. Client side debugging.

You can review client side errors using the developer panel of most modern browsers, or something like the firebug plugin. The XPages extension library comes with a Firebug Lite component you can use as well.

For SSJS and XSP engine issues you can review these in the Notes client by reading the XPages logs in the IBM_TECHNICAL_SUPPORT folder contained in the Notes data folder.

For a "live" method of this is to modify the shortcut that launches notes as follows:

Target: C:\Lotus\Notes\notes.exe -RPARAMS -console -debug -separateSysLogFiles -consoleLog
Start In : C:\Lotus\Notes\framework\ 

Change the path to match your clients install.

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1. i'm not sure. does that mean i can't use it for xpinc? And if not is there maybe another solution to see if the document is dirty? 2. Works great, thanks – Pixel Mar 12 '13 at 6:57
I just realized that the debug mode only logs SSJS or Java errors. Is there also a way to see the client-side-script errors? – Pixel Mar 12 '13 at 7:02
OK I misunderstood exactly what you wanted on Q2. So I've updated my answer for both your comments. – Simon O'Doherty Mar 12 '13 at 9:19

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