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In my android project I used github and git last version. I have "master" branch which which is ready for release, and "next" branch which have which includes major changes. I should implement last ~80 small commits from master branch to next. Them make other developer. But probably some shanges are not needed or could not be implemented in next brach. The way I'm going to follow is checkout to "next" branch and make cherry-pick of range of last 80 commits. Like this:

git cherry-pick 6f12..73f5

Probably cherry-pick will be broken of conflicts, I will resolve it, commit changes, call

git cherry-pick --quit

and run cherry-pick again from first commit after that what was brokenm like

git cherry-pick 34e2..73f5

Is that way correct or what should I do?

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You can run git cherry-pick --continue after it halted for conflicts. That will make it automatically continue where it left off.

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