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In each module in my application I'll have a main content section and a sidebar menu.

In my layout I have the following...

<div id="main" class="span8 listings">
    <?php echo $this->content; ?>

<div id="sidebar" class="span4">
    <?php echo $this->sidebar; ?>

My controllers all return a single ViewModel which specifies the content (see below) but how do I get it to also populate the sidebar?

public function detailsAction()
    *some code to populate data*

    $params = array('data' => $data);               

    $viewModel = new ViewModel($params);

    return $viewModel;

I've got a feeling I am doing something fundamentally wrong here.

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In a controller you could use view models nesting and the layout plugin:

public function fooAction()
    // Sidebar content
    $content = array(
        'name'     => 'John'
        'lastname' => 'Doe'
    // Create a model for the sidebar
    $sideBarModel = new Zend\View\Model\ViewModel($content);
    // Set the sidebar template

    // layout plugin returns the layout model instance
    // First parameter must be a model instance
    // and the second is the variable name you want to capture the content
    $this->layout()->addChild($sideBarModel, 'sidebar');
    // ...

Now you just echo the variable in the layout script:

    // 'sidebar' here is the same passed as the second parameter to addChild() method
    echo $this->sidebar;
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Thanks Josias! Exactly what I needed! –  jonadams51 Mar 12 '13 at 16:11
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You can include "sub templates" by using the partial view helper

<div id="main" class="span8 listings">
    <?php echo $this->content; ?>

<div id="sidebar" class="span4">
    <?php echo $this->partial('sidebar.phtml', array('params' => $this->params)); ?>
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Thank you Bram. This would work however, the sidebar is site-wide but the solution above would only work if added to each specific view. –  jonadams51 Mar 11 '13 at 16:02
the sidebar.phtml partial is rendered in your layout, so it is side-wide. the params are action specific, but you don't have to pass that params if you don't need to do any action specific logic in your sidebar. –  Bram Gerritsen Mar 11 '13 at 16:10
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