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I'm trying to identify a SQL Server Management Studio alternative (for writing/running queries) that provides table/column auto-complete functionality in the query editor. Unfortunately, SSMS stops giving you Intellisense when you're connected to a SQL Azure database. Do any such editors exist? I'm not asking for "the best one" or anything else subjective. I just want to find a/some possibilities for me to try and everything I look into doesn't have this feature!

I saw this question and none of the popular answers seemed to provide this functionality for me (LinqPad's auto-complete seems to be C# only although I didn't actually purchase it to confirm).

So are there any options out there for this??

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I've finally stumbled upon an option. It's non-ideal but it is certainly a huge step in the right direction!

dbForge SQL Complete is a SSMS plugin that replaces SSMS's built-in Intellisense with its own auto-complete engine. This is a HUGE improvement when connected to SQL Azure, but so far the free version feels like a step backwards when connected to traditional SQL Server instances. Overall, I think we're going to prefer using this over not using it. I'll come back in a couple days to report how well (or not) it's going.

At least it's an option, though!

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Let us how you get on! I have recently encountered the same problem. I'm hoping MS will soon provide intellisense support for SSMS + SQL Azure. –  QFDev Mar 11 '13 at 22:29
@QF_Developer - So far, this is working well enough for us. It's about what we expected: MUCH better when working against an Azure database and less ideal when working against a SQL Server database. However, the latter is more because of what we're used to - it's not a cut-and-dry worse thing. Some people will actually like it better. And I may too, over time. –  Jaxidian Mar 13 '13 at 19:17

Visual Studio have enabled basic IntelliSense for Azure SQL, but it isn't avalaible easily.

You have to click on table, select from drop menu DROP AND CREATE TO -> New query window and then IntelliSense will work. If you simply use New query it will not.

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