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I'm kinda' new to JNI, but been reading alot about JNI when I wanted to use a legacy dll in my project. Quick enough, I found out that I can't parameters to native methods. Here's an example that I tried to code with no success:

package HelloWorld;

    Public class Hello {
    Private static native int HelloWorld();
    Private static native int Mirror(int a);
    Static {
      System.loadLibrary("Example"); //got path in            
                    vm arguments - works.
    Public static void main(String[] args) {
    Int a = 8;

Used javah to create header which got me this signature: JNIEXPORT jint JNICALL Java_HelloWorld_Hello_Mirror (JNIEnv *, jclass, jint);

Wrote a cpp: Same signature as the h with impl of: "return 1";

That's it and... This is the error I get from eclipse: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: HelloWorld/Hello.Mirror(I)I at HelloWorld.Hello.main (Hello.java:14)

These are my ideas: A. Saw something about c and cpp, am I mixing things. B. jdk or stuff? C. The library loads perfectly (checked the other function that does not get parameters), maybe the types are incompatible?

Stuck on this for a while, Hope you guys can help me!

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Solved! Just needed to add '{' around both functions in the cpp file, after the "extern c" command...

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