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I just started using GAE's search API and I'm looking for the equivalent of a SQL group by count statement. Does something like this currently exist?

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No you have to write your own –  user784435 Mar 11 '13 at 16:37

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No, that's not what it's for at all. It's a full-text search API, and has no support for things like grouping or other relational concepts.

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I just figured that since it returns number_found for a given search, that there might be some grouping mechanism to get multiple counts. More of a hope that anything else, but that makes sense. –  Brandon Mar 11 '13 at 19:42

As @Daniel Roseman noted, GROUP BY does not apply for the full-text Search API.

On Datastore there is count (but it's very expensive) but no GROUP BY.

Google CLoud SQL: it's basically a managed MySql instance - both GROUP BY and COUNT are available.

Google Big Query is a distributed on-demand map-reduce system with SQL-like query language. It has both GROUP BY and COUNT. They are both expensive as queries are charged by rows x columns scanned (no indexes exist). BQ is very powerful (and fast) but exporting data to it from GAE is tedious as there is no direct API.

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