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What is the $(inherited) search path setting?

I've modified the header and library search path settings regarding OpenSSL for iPad and this issue along with the recursive option for given path was the main culprit.

When I rearranged my search paths to first look into directories and then into $(inherited), the iPad builds were working.

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I'm looking for a documentation, too. But I made the experience, that $(inherited) can be used to inherit build settings from the project level to the target level. When you define library or header search paths at the project level you can use $(inherited) in the target build settings to use these search paths in the search paths of the project targets.

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I think this is actually $(inherited), not $(inherit). –  Dave Sep 11 at 16:14

ADDENDUM: with $(inherited) Build Settings->Library Search Path is automatically populated when you add a library to a target by clicking in the Target Membership right-hand pane. This does not happen otherwise.

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