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I learned the little I know of wxPython (as in: Python wrappers for wx widgets) from the absolutely outstanding demo app:

With that demo app, you get examples for many, many uses of the framework widgets: both code and running UI frames. It is absolutely amazing just how well that is done.

Is there anything even remotely close to that for Eclipse RCP or SWT/JFace?

I have to "port" a concept I developed in wx over to Java.. and I am not sure Swing would cut it. Eclipse RCP or SWT/JFace look extremely good but.. where's the material to help me get started? I Googled but I couldn't find anywhere something that I could download and run.. and see the code behind it!

Note: I could of course "download and run" Eclipse itself.. but that's way more complex that I can probably manage at the moment. There's the brilliance of wx demos: they are even gradual in complexity!

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if you think the question is answered, please mark it as answered ;) – aphex Mar 14 '13 at 8:50
Ok, @aphex I will. To be honest, what I found in your links (and BTW, thanks again for them) is still not quite there yet when compared with the wxPython demo app. I could accept for now and switch answers later if anybody comes up with a more comprehensive one. (BTW: I also looked at the provided Snippets..) – Robottinosino Mar 14 '13 at 13:16
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I would start with the vogella website. There you can find all you need to start with. As Alexey Romanov mentioned, the RCP Mail Template is also a really good example, but I'm not sure if Eclipse 4.x is used, but I doubt. So start learning the 4.x platform.

For SWT there is a Demo application showing all the components.For JFaces I also recommend you the JFace Snippets.

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The canonical example is the RCP Mail Template (version 2.0). There are more examples listed here and JFace Snippets.

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