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I've been using Netbeans for a long time, but I still find it hard to change text colors in the editor, on top of that I just encountered a new problem, my Java code colors looked fine in older Nb versions, but in the latest version 7.3 they don't look right, please see the attached images for details. I highlighted the text in the second image so we can see the text.

So my questions are :

[a] How to change the text "request" and "response" colors in the following image from black to white ?

[b] Is there a way in NB to right click on the text and change it's foreground/background color ? If none exists, can I suggest this feature for future versions ?

enter image description here

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Go to Tools -> Options then to Fonts and Colors tab.

[a] For the javadoc parameters, select Java Language from the dropdown menu. It is the Javadoc Tag.

[b] For the selection, Highlighting tab and Selected Text Option.

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