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I have a multi step travelrequest app. Users are directed to the 1st step e.g localhost/intraweb/travel_requests/step/1 up until they get to the last step localhost/intraweb/travel_requests/step/5. Problem that i am having now is only administrators can access the steps and normal users cant. In my case users have an ID = 10 in my groups table

This is how i am using ACL in my UsersController

//allow users to do a travel request
public function initDB() {
$group = $this->User->Group;
$group->id = 10;
$this->Acl->allow($group, 'controllers/TravelRequests/step($stepNumber');

here is my code for my TravelRequestsController

public function beforeRender() {
$params = $this->Session->read('form.params');
$this->set('params', $params);

public function setup() {
$steps = 5;
$this->Session->write('form.params.steps', $steps);
$this->Session->write('form.params.maxProgress', 0);
$this->redirect(array('action' => 'step', 1));

public function step($stepNumber) {
if($this->Session->read('form.params.steps') != 5) {

if (!file_exists(APP.'View'.DS.'TravelRequests'.DS.'step_'.$stepNumber.'.ctp')) {

$maxAllowed = $this->Session->read('form.params.maxProgress') + 1;
if ($stepNumber > $maxAllowed) {
} else {
$this->Session->write('form.params.currentStep', $stepNumber);

Does some have an idea on what i am missing out in my code?

Thank you in advance

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You are trying to allow $this->Acl->allow($group, 'controllers/TravelRequests/step($stepNumber'); where step($stepNumber is not an existing action.

You should use $this->Acl->allow($group, 'controllers/TravelRequests/step') instead.

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thanks @noslone it worked –  Victor M Mar 12 '13 at 13:09

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