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In Matlab 2012a I have generated a figure from a previous code that is SSI as a function of age. I want to customize datatip by updating my own function instead of the default one. I know how to change x and y and now I have Age and SSI for them. However, I have another piece of information -subjectID- which I want to add to the display text. By clicking on each point, I want datatip to show Age, SSI and subject ID of corresponding data point. This is what I have now: matlab is a saved work place of my SSI-age.

function output_txt = myupdatefcn(obj,event_obj,...
pos = get(event_obj,'Position');
x = pos(1); 
y = pos(2);
[~, ~, raw0_0] = xlsread('Data.xlsx','CONTROLS','A2:A106');
raw = [raw0_0];
SubjectID = cell2mat(raw);
output_txt = {['AGE: ',num2str(pos(1),4)],...
    ['SSI: ',num2str(pos(2),4)],...
    ['SubjectID: ',SubjectID]};
idx = find(matlab == x,1);  
[row,col] = ind2sub(size(matlab),idx);
output_txt{end+1} = cell2mat(labels(row));

Obviously, this is not right. Can somebody please help me out here? Thank you.

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If I read your code correctly, I make the following assumptions (which may be incorrect): * the subjectID is a cell containing a vector of strings * subjectID is X position of the clicked point

First, a quick digression: getting SubjectID into your plot

I noticed, in your function call, you have SubjectID as one of the input parameters. However, it appears that it would never be used, since the next line that uses it assigns it a value. As written, this will read from the excel file each and every time that the update function is called. You might wish to move the load-from-excel portion into the same section of code where the data is first loaded. If I assume the SubjectID is text, you can store it in the UserData variable of the timeseries. That would make the following work:

Onward to the answer

So, if you include your SubjectID information in the userdata, when you first plot like so:

% ...not shown: get the ages, SSIs and SubjectIDs ....

plot(ages, SSIs, 'UserData', SubjectIDs);   % Store SubjectIDs along with the line...

Then the following should work -- or at least put you on solid ground.

function output_txt = myupdatefcn(obj,event_obj)   
  pos = get(event_obj,'Position');
  x = pos(1); 
  y = pos(2);
  allIDs = get(event_obj.Target,'UserData');
  thisSubject = event_obj.UserData{pos(1)};

  output_txt = {['AGE: ',num2str(pos(1),4)],...
    ['SSI: ',num2str(pos(2),4)],...
    ['SubjectID: ',thisSubject]};

You can probably get rid of the last 3 lines of code, since you know a priori that all 3 values are accessible.

Hope that helps.

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