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I have a problem that i cant figure out what to do ...

I have started to try VM instance on Azure.

I have created a VM machine running Windows Server 2008 R2.

I have upload my iso file of visual studio ultimate from MSDN.

I have mounted it with Virtual ClondeDrive.

When i try to install it, he always say that he cant install cause he miss component .. ?

I have try to install .net 4.5 before .. i had the same problem .. i had search all over the web .. no answer..

Check the log file and the print screen

Log file : http://m.uploadedit.com/b011/136301973436.txt
Print screen : http://www.imagup.com/npic/1177685646.html

Thank you to all!

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Based on the log your provided:

Acquiring package: vsbsln_neu_28, payload: vsbsln_neu_28, copy from: F:\packages\64bitPrereq\x64\VS_Prerequisites_x64_neutral.msi
[04C8:05F0][2013-03-11T16:31:42]: Error 0x80092009: Failed to get authenticode certificate embedded in: C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\.unverified\vsbsln_neu_28
[04C8:05F0][2013-03-11T16:31:42]: Error 0x80092009: Failed to verify signature of payload: vsbsln_neu_28
[04C8:05F0][2013-03-11T16:31:42]: Failed to verify payload: vsbsln_neu_28 at path: C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\.unverified\vsbsln_neu_28, error: 0x80092009. Deleting file.
[04C8:05F0][2013-03-11T16:31:42]: Error 0x80092009: Failed to cache payload: vsbsln_neu_28

It seems the problem is related with user credentials. You may not have admin privileged to install the application on the machine and needed to run installers with admin privilege. There is slightly possibility that the file is missing some components.

So please check your machine for both of above possibility and this should resolve your problem.

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Sorry about that, it was just a domaged iso file..

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