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I have a problem when attempting to create a new Requirement object on my website. In my Requirement object I have the following Doctrine field:

 * @ORM\OneToMany(targetEntity="Verification", mappedBy="requirement", cascade="persist", orphanRemoval=true)
private $verifications;

and I have the following method:

public function addVerification($verification) {

In the constructor of the object I initialize the ArrayCollection:

 * Constructor
public function __construct() {
    $this->verifications = new ArrayCollection();

However, when attempting to create a new Requirement object everything works fine except that the Verifications that are created are not linked to the Requirement object. Both the Requirement object and the corresponding Verification objects are inserted into the database, but the requirement_id field for the Verification objects are NULL.

Do I need to manually set the requirement field in my Verification object? Does Doctrine not do this for me automatically when I use the add method for the ArrayCollection?

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No they arent necessarily updated. If you have bi-directional relationships you must maintain the non-owing side yourself. You can read up on this in the documentation:


Its hard for me to give you specifics without seeing both the Requirement and Verification definitions.

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