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I want to search in my db programs and news by title or tags I have this code in mysql:

 Select * 
   from promociones,promocion_tag,programa_tag,tags,programas 
  WHERE tags.nombre='STH' 
    AND tags.id=programa_tag.id_tag 
    AND programa_tag.id_programa=programas.id
     OR tags.nombre='STH' 
    AND tags.id=promocion_tag.id_tag 
    AND promocion_tag.id_promocion=promociones.id  
     OR promociones.titulo LIKE "%STH%" 
     OR programas.titulo LIKE "%STH%"

You see any error? Because its return something wrong, the same row many times..

Tables (important columns): Programas -ID -Titulo

Promociones -ID -Titulo

-Tags -ID -Nombre

Programa_tag -id_tag -programa_tag

Promocion_tag -id_tag -promocion_tag

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Add joins. Put parenthesis around criteria that should be separated by OR. –  Tom Mar 11 '13 at 17:02

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You need to use parentheses due to the precedence of AND then OR. Using explicit JOIN syntax would also be helpful.

AND tags.id=programa_tag.id_tag 
AND (programa_tag.id_programa=programas.id
 OR tags.nombre='STH')
AND tags.id=promocion_tag.id_tag 
AND (promocion_tag.id_promocion=promociones.id  
 OR promociones.titulo LIKE "%STH%" 
 OR programas.titulo LIKE "%STH%")

See the documentation

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For better readability (and easier debugging) I've rephrased your SELECT to use JOINS (plus I added parenthesis around the OR expression:

JOIN programa_tag ON tags.id=programa_tag.id_tag 
JOIN programas ON programa_tag.id_programa=programas.id 
JOIN promocion_tag ON promocion_tag.id_tag = tags.id
JOIN promociones ON promociones.id = promocion_tag.id_promocion
WHERE tags.nombre='STH' AND 
(promociones.titulo LIKE "%STH%" OR programas.titulo LIKE "%STH%")

Without further knowledge about your database I can only guess if the JOINs should actually be LEFT JOINS or not. Also, this SELECT might actually require a UNION, but you'd need to give more details to make that call.

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Also, your `LIKE '%STH%' search clauses are going to be absurdly slow. –  Ollie Jones Mar 11 '13 at 17:07
what recommend? –  Diego_sf93 Mar 11 '13 at 17:32
@Ollie Jones agreed. MySQL will not be able to use any indexes when you are matching a string that starts with a wildcard. So doing a LIKE "%WHATEVER" is bad for performance. –  Hazzit Mar 11 '13 at 17:32
@Diego_sf93. What recommend? Words. Describe the relationships between objects in your database. Describe what you're trying to accomplish. Describe what you've tried, and how that failed. The better your question is, the better the answers are going to be. –  Hazzit Mar 11 '13 at 17:37
Well, I want a search function which search by tags that are representate by 1 table that contains the program id and the tag id like foreign key of each columns, same to news table.. And also search by the title of the program or the new.. understand? And thats code is try to be the serch sql statement –  Diego_sf93 Mar 11 '13 at 17:57

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