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I would like to build an app with a universal binary containing: ppc, i386 and x86-64. The problem I have is that on 10.5.8 it tries to launch the x86-64 version and fails.

Is there some configuration that will make 10.5.8 launch with the i386 code?

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See this SO question that suggests to configure through Info.plist.

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I'm not aware of a method in the OS to target one version of the binary over another. I do know you can use lipo to remove the x86_64 version of the binary, which will cause the OS to run the i386 version, but I do not think it is what you want.

All that being said it would be my recommendation to debug the cause of the x86_64 crash, or only build the i386 version of the binary until you are in a place to debug it.

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Found the crash, it was an address size conflict 105 to 10.6 SDK. –  zaph Oct 8 '09 at 0:16

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