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I have node with Sites content type, and container field_action_link field. For each site, I have the link redirect to my partners and when create new site, I just in put:

Site Name = ABC Site Site Link (field_action_link) = 'http://abcsite.com/?affid=12345';

And on my site, when the user visit this page, this link should be: http://mysite.com/go-to/acb-site

I also want to show this aff link when add from views.

I have created a module using preprocess_page, preprocess_node, preprocess_field. But it not make my satisfied. So please help me, how I can create a module with this feature.

My idea is will create a module, custom this field and save data on a table in DB.

ID | ActionLink | Afflink

When the user access to ActionLink, we will get Afflink column value and redirect request page. Everybody please help.

Thanks in advance


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This is a feature that has been discussed before: http://groups.drupal.org/node/109079

There is also a module, http://drupal.org/project/gotwo , which could be used to perform this function.

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