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I have some plug-ins and fragments exported in some jar files. I need to programmatically import those plug-ins and fragments as it is usually done through GUI by using File --> Import --> Plug-in Development --> Plug-ins and Fragments so I have these in my current workspace. I have read some posts related to import projects (i.e. by exploiting .project) but in this case I only have jar files.

Snippets and/or hints will be really appreciated.

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Look into the Source-Code of Eclipse how it's done. - Open the wizard that implements the requested functionality open Plugin-Spy (Shift+Alt+F1) and jump into the source code (in your case a good starting point would be org.eclipse.pde.internal.ui.wizards.imports.PluginImportWizardDetailedPage)

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Firstly, thank you very much for your reply. Unfortunatly, I had a look of the classes PluginImportWizardDetailedPage, PluginImportWizard, and WizardDialog but I actually did not get the way to go. I expected to do that in a few lines of code by selecting the jar files, create a project and open it. Is it possible or it is necessary to follow more complex steps? – Luca Bixio Mar 12 '13 at 11:03

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