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I am stuck on the solution for code 3 below. I need to insert a simple math problem and I cannot for the life figure this out after going over my book and sample video from class. I would like the program to ask the question, "What is the answer to 8 raised to the power of 2" with the answer "64". Anyone willing to help me out? I can come up with my other two questions if someone can just get me started! Thank you very much!! Kim

import java.util.Scanner;  //allows for input

public class ASG03 {

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        Scanner input = new Scanner(; //allows for input

        //Step 1 - Declare and initialize variables
        String candidateName = "";
        String responseE = "";

        int option = 0;
        double score = 0;

        if (score <=85)
            responseE = "Definite";
        else if (score <=70)
            responseE = "Likely";
        else if (score <=60)
            responseE = "Maybe";
            responseE = "No";

        String responseI = "";

        if (score <=85)
            responseI = "Yes";
        else if (score <=70)
            responseI = "Yes";
        else if (score <=60)
            responseI = "Yes";
            responseI = "No";

        //Step 2 -  Process input

        System.out.println("Enter candidate name: ");
        candidateName = input.nextLine();
        System.out.println("Enter score 0 -100: ");
        score = input.nextDouble();

        System.out.println("Enter 1 to set employment category ");
        System.out.println("Enter 2 to set interview possibility ");
        System.out.println("Enter 3 to view a sample test question ");
        System.out.println("Enter option now -> ");
        option = input.nextInt();

        //Step 3 and 4 - Process calculations and output
        case 1:
            System.out.println("You are now setting the employment category...");
            //can use nested if else
            System.out.println("Employment category =  " + responseE);


        case 2:
            System.out.println("You are now setting the interview possibilities...");
            System.out.println("Interview possibilites = " + responseI);


        case 3:
            System.out.println("You are now viewing a sample test question...");
            //use random and power from Math library


        }//end of switch

    }//end of main

}//end of class
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2 Answers 2

When you run your program, in the main you'll have that responseE will always be set to "Definite". Because:

Look at the flow of your code:

double score = 0;
if (score <=85)
  responseE = "Definite";
else if (score <=70)

the first if is always satisfied, so it'll always be executed.

Furthermore, even when you'll evaluate responseE after you read the score, you need to consider again how you write your conditions.. note that if score <= 85 then score <= 70....

You should have something like this:

Before the switch:

responseE = getResponse(score);

And here is the method getResponse:

private static String getResponse(double score) {
  if (score <=85 && score >70)
    return "Definite";
  else if (score <=70 && score > 60)
    return "Likely";
  else if (score <=60 && score > 40) //For example..
    return "Maybe";
  return "No";

The same for the other fields you want to evaluate after you read the input.

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In short, you are determining the response based on the score before you read the score – D Stanley Mar 11 '13 at 18:21

I need a little more information before I can give you an answer. It looks like the code wants a random number generator, however in your question you asked for 8^2, or 8*8. Which would you like? I ask because random number generation is a lot different than hard coding number variables

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Thank you all for the corrections. New class for me and I am NOT catching on quickly. IrishWhiskey (Random number) I think?! It's suppose to ask the question and tell the user if the answer is correct or incorrect...? – kim bat Mar 11 '13 at 20:11

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