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I'm not finding a way to retrieve all elements that have an attribute ec:edit. I've only found examples getting namespaced elements, but not attributes.

And there is also no result when searching the attributes with attr() or hasAttr().

dbpedia example:

foreach ($qp->branch()->find('foaf|page') as $img) {
   print $img->attr('rdf:resource') . PHP_EOL;

rdf file sample:

<dbpprop:artist rdf:resource="" />

But this won't retrieve any results:

$edits = $htmldocument->find('div[mc|edit];
foreach ($edits as $key => $value) {
    echo $value->attr('mc:edit');

sample data:

<div mc:edit="stuff"> // etc

I get nothing.

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Ok, lambdas solve everything:

find('div')->filterLambda('return qp($item)->hasAttr("mc:edit");');
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Can you please also help me for getting this type of elements in QueryPath? For example: <plugin:text content="filepath"/> I also have asked question for this. Please see…. I will be thankful to you If you can help me on it. Thanks. – Smac Afzal Feb 24 at 21:57

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