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I've got a string that will be dynamically generated from a 3rd party application

$somePath = "D:\some\path\name.of - my file [20_32_21].mp4"

I need to be able to verify this path in a function.

$somePath = "D:\some\path\name.of - my file [20_32_21].mp4"

Function ValidatePath{
    if(Test-Path $path){
        Write-Host "Worked"
    } else {
        Write-Host "Didn't Work"

ValidatePath $somePath 

The problem is that it fails on the square brackets.

How can I automatically escape the square brackets in order to validate the file?

# Path needs to look like this
$somePath = "D:\some\path\name.of - my file ``[20_32_21``].mp4"
ValidatePath $somePath 
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Use -LiteralPath instead of -Path; e.g.:

if ( test-path -literalpath $path ) {


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Simple and beautiful. Some of the semantics of PS seem elusive until you actually see it. I didn't know about that bit. –  Chase Florell Mar 11 '13 at 18:42

Can you try using "test-path -literalpath $path" ?

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