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What would the erb template look like for a ruby enumerator? The answer will be a erb template.

require "erb"

# build data class
class Foo < Array

  def build
    b = binding
    # create and run templates, filling member data variables
    ERB.new(File.read('test2.erb')).result b

# setup template data

bar = Foo.new([1,2,3])

puts bar.build

I would like some way of accessing the 1,2,3 items in the erb template.

Focus on Ruby 1.9.3 compatibility.

Note: the Class is an extension of Array, and I want to access the elements of this array in its erb template.

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I don't know where to start.. to reach the iterator each. Its like Im in an array needing to accessing privates. something like self –  shadowbq Mar 11 '13 at 19:34

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Ok, it was as simple as reaching into the self reference.

<% self.each{|element| %> <%= element %> <% } %>
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