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I have a properties file in which the keys represent strings in source code files that I would like to search for, and the values represent the replacement string that I would like to replace the strings with (see below for an example).

I would like to perform these replacements over a set of files during my Ant build, however I cant seem to figure out how to perform this operation. A simple replace is easy using the Ant replacement task, but I can't determine if there is a way using Ant tasks to perform this bulk search and replace using a properties file to indicate what to search and replace. I think I may need to write a script to perform this.

Anyone have any ideas if this is possible using Ant tasks?



Original Source

if(dataitem.gameStatusCode === 'pre'){
  var tmp = dataitem.gameHomeName;

Replacement Source

if(dataitem.statusCode === 'pre'){
  var tmp = dataitem.homeName;
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is this ant or nant? The question is tagged with both. –  skaffman Oct 7 '09 at 22:42

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Use the replace task with replacefilterfile attribute:

<replace dir="${src}" replacefilterfile="example.props">
  <include name="**/*.java"/>
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Right under my nose. Not sure how I missed that. Thanks –  Steve Oct 7 '09 at 22:43

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