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Intellij has this cool feature where if you type ctrl+alt+c, it copies the absolute path of the file your cursor is in to your clipboard. I want something similar, but instead of the file path I want the path to the method my cursor is on. For example, look at this class:

package com.sandbox;

public class Sandbox {

    public void doSomething() {


If I put my cursor on/in doSomething(), I'd like to press some keyboard command that will put "com.sandbox.Sandbox#doSomething()" into my clipboard. If my cursor is in the method, it would be even better if it could put this into my clipboard: "com.sandbox.Sandbox#doSomething():line 45" as the line my cursor was on when I typed the command.

Here's why I want this: I often write emails/instant message other developers and need to tell them to "look at this". It's very easy to get the method name because I'm usually already there. But then I need to scroll up to the class name to tell them the class and I lose my place on the method. I do this often enough in a day that I think I could get some benefit into automating this process.

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CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+C is "Copy Reference" which should do what you want.

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Beautiful, thanks –  Daniel Kaplan Mar 11 '13 at 18:48

Actually "Copy Reference" is very close to that: By default Ctrl+Alt+Shift-C. Note that Ctrl-Shift-A (Find Action) is your friend and will show you the above link, too.

This method will not add the line number, though.

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