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Hi I am new to oracle and trying to optimize the below code. The select statement is taking just 10 seconds but when i use it in a procedure and use cursors it is taking 2 min. Can anyone please help me. Thanks in advance.

reate or replace Procedure AA (Yearfield In Varchar, P_Cursor1 Out Sys_Refcursor, P_Cursor2 Out Sys_Refcursor,  
 P_Cursor3 Out Sys_Refcursor) AS 

     test1 Integer;
     test2 Integer;
     test3 Integer;
     test4 Integer;
     test5 Integer;
     test6 Integer;
     test7 Integer;
     test8 Integer;


SELECT COUNT(*) into test1 FROM PNSS where YearField = YearField And 
(x_prenatal_a_x001 = '001' And x_postpartum_a_x002 = '001');

SELECT COUNT(*) into test2 FROM PNSS where YearField = YearField And 
x_postpartum_a_x002 = '000';

SELECT COUNT(*) into test3 FROM PNSS where YearField = YearField And 
x_prenatal_a_x001 = '000';

SELECT COUNT(*) into test4 FROM PNSS where YearField = YearField And SourceofData = '1';

SELECT COUNT(*) into test5 FROM PNSS where YearField = YearField And SourceofData = '2';

SELECT COUNT(*) into test6 FROM PNSS where YearField = YearField And SourceofData = '3';
SELECT COUNT(*) into test7 FROM PNSS where YearField = YearField And 
ethnic_code_008 = '10';

OPEN  p_cursor1
    Select 1, 'Complete Records', test1, 
    Round ((test1 * 100) / test8, 1) From dual
    SELECT 2, 'Prenatal Records', 2, 
    ROUND ((test2* 100) / test8, 1) FROM dual order by 1;

OPEN p_cursor2
   SELECT 1, 'WIC', test3, 
   SELECT 2, 'Maternal Health', test4, 
   Select 3, 'Other', test5, 
   Select 4, 'Total', test6 FROM dual order by 1;

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You declare the same local variable test1 8 times. That isn't valid syntax. Then you assign 7 different counts to that one local variable. That is syntactically valid but exceedingly unlikely to be what you want. Your first cursor declarations then appear to use a bunch of local variables that aren't defined anywhere so the cursor declarations are invalid. Your second cursor declaration is missing the FROM clause among other issues on each part of the query. Finally, it isn't obvious to me what, exactly, you are comparing to get runtimes of 10 seconds and 2 minutes. – Justin Cave Mar 11 '13 at 19:14
No. In my query i am not using test1, i am actually having diff names for all the variables – user2158164 Mar 11 '13 at 19:30
If you're going to post code that doesn't match what you are actually doing and that doesn't compile, it's not going to be possible for anyone to offer much in the way of useful guidance. Having us guess at which mistakes are actually in the code and which mistakes are introduced when you modified the code in order to post it here is not productive. – Justin Cave Mar 11 '13 at 19:35
I have changed it to make it similar to what I have in my query. – user2158164 Mar 11 '13 at 19:59
The declaration of the second cursor is still syntactically invalid-- the FROM clauses are still missing. And I'm still not sure what you are comparing when you talk about 10 second execution times vs. 2 minute execution times. Are you saying that you can run all 7 COUNT(*) statements in 10 seconds outside of the procedure? But that it takes 2 minutes to execute them inside the procedure? Is YearField a column in the PNSS table in addition to being the name of a parameter? Do you intend the YearField = YearField filter in your queries to do something? – Justin Cave Mar 11 '13 at 20:26

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